Hallowmorn Exile - Become A Hero!


We are still in testing phase. Please DO NOT use 
the IAP for Hero rewards unless you are a tester.

If you do wish to buy anyway just know we will make 
the Hero reward tiers really good value. The HEX Heroes
will be who we listen to most during development, and will 
be able to vote on some priority features going on. Each 
Hero reward will also get special COSMETIC items only 
available as Hero rewards. None of the details of these
are available yet.

If you make a mistake we will be able to give you a refund,
but only in the testing phase. Please be careful!

Initiate - Cost: $24.99  In Game Value: $30
Initiate - Cost: $49.99  In Game Value: $60
Master   - Cost: $99.99  In Game Value: $130
Legend   - Cost: $199.99 In Game Value: $280

In Game Value = Currency you get from the tier.

We plan to add extras on top of this value not yet listed.

If you buy you buy "as is" meaning you will only be guaranteed
the In Game Value of the special currency in game (Crystals).